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Developer: ConteZero
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Smiler is a simple app for the comfortable viewing of internet quote databases. Russian, English, French, Spanish, German and other languages are supported.Smiler is designed to while away the time in a queue, when travelling by transport, sitting in a boring lecture or on a trip.
Smiler saves your favourite quotes so you can always easily find them and share them with your friends by e-mail, sms, your Instant Messaging client and, quite naturally, by social networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). You can also export them to a text file.
Smiler remembers the last visited page in order to quickly access it and continue your reading.
Smiler can load a specific number of new pages from your favourite quotation databases for instant reading without Internet access (in offline mode).
Smiler can be set to get periodic updates of your quotes databases and show the appearance of the new quotes.
At the moment Smiler can get quotes of such resources as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (QDB, LMF, FML, AMK, XKCDB, FMS, Hatepost, IMMD, MMT, TFLN, VDM, PEBKAC, VMV , KMP, MLA, TFM, TSM, MLIN) and more … (check the full list of resources).
If your favourite quotes database is not in the resource list, just simply send us a link to it and it will be added to our database asap. You should not update the program yourself, as it is done automatically.
Import favorites from Bogr: Bogr > Favorites > Export to XML > Smiler > Favorites > Import from Bogr
The whole list of quotes databases: (Featured) (Latest 50, Random 50, Browse) (Latest Approved, Statistically Best, Top of All Time, Random) (Home, Top, Random) (Browser, Top, Random) (Browser, Top, Random) (Тор, Random) (Home, Random) (Home) (Text) more (Accueil, Tops, Aléatoire) (Nouveautes, Top 100, Flop 100, Aléatoires) (Top du Top, Top du jour) (Nouveautés, Parcourir, Aléatoire) (Nouveautés, Parcourir, Aléatoire) (Start, Favoriten, Zufall) (Neu, Beste, Zufall) (Neues, Durchsuchen, Zufall) (Neu, Beste, Zufall) (Die letzten 50) ( (Новые, Случайные, Лучшие, По рейтингу, Бездна, Топ Бездны, Лучшее Бездны) (По дате, По рейтингу) (Свежие, Лучшие) (Новые, Любые) (Главная, Лучшие , Случайные) (RSS) (Последние, Бездна) (Последние, Случайные) (Главная, Рандом) (Новые, Случайные) (Главная, Случайные) (Новые, Случайные) (Главная, Случайные) (только текст) (Inicio, Top, Aleatorio) (Home, Top, Casuale) (Najnowsze, Top) (Ana sayfa, En iyi, Rastgele)
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